short wigs for black women

I found that 40% of 20 haphazardly selected black women from my Facebook friends list were wearing hair that didn't grow from their head, but only one (5%) was actually wearing a short wigs for black women. The other seven were wearing sewn in weave or braids. 

I don't think short wigs for black women are very commonplace, at least not among younger black women, like the ones I might be friends with on FB. The one woman who was wearing a wig is probably in her late 40s. Lace wigs have gained more popularity since people have realized that a lot of celebrities (like Beyonce) use them and they can look more realistic, but I actually don't know anyone who wears one on a daily basis. Not only are the high quality ones expensive, but the application can have disastrous effects for your hairline because of the glue/tape involved.

Human Hair Extensions
All the black women I know that wear them are far from bald. I'd guess upwards of 90% wear short wigs for black women and aren't bald. With women of other races, the number is very low.

Different styles of wigs are worn by women of every age. There's no such thing as short wigs for black women for old women any more than there are cars for old men. There are 80 year olds and 40 year olds driving big Mercedes sedans and vintage convertibles and sensible Priuses. And similarly for wigs.

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